Crooked River Ranch Engagement Photos


Crooked River Ranch engagement photography

Here’s a little peak at Ryan and Alissa’s engagement photos taken near Crooked River Ranch, Central Oregon. Ryan grew up visiting Central Oregon to work on his grandparent’s ranch. He and his adorable fiance Alissa love the wide open space and all the memories the ranch holds, so they decided to have their engagement photos take out there.


I loved being out on the ranch because it reminded me of my Wisconsin dairy farm roots…especially the tractor, although I’m more of a John Deere girl myself. These two are so cute together, and have the perfect mixture of sweet, fun and a little pinch of sassy to keep things real. I can’t wait to photography their wedding this August! Congratulations Alissa and Ryan!





The Gambler & the Thief

Have you heard the sweet melodies of The Gambler and the Thief? Because you should. They. Are. Awesome.

I first met Tim and Vanessa while collaborating on a benefit concert in Bend, Oregon for Otino Waa Children’s Village. After getting coffee with Vanessa and hearing their music, I was so pumped to have them as part of the music line up along with Precious Byrd.

After the show, they asked if I’d be up for doing some photography for their band, The Gambler and the Thief. They’re relatively new to Central Oregon, having lived all over the US, and Vanessa really loves the high desert, so we headed out to one of my favorite locations.

They are too cute.

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The Twins

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you may remember Steve and Geena’s gorgeous Tulum, Mexico beach wedding from a few years ago. Or you may have seen their adorable family session with their little guy Haulton from about a year ago. But today I get to share a little peak into their most recent family shoot, welcoming their TWINS!

Meet Reed and Davis, the newest addition to their family. These little guys are so sweet and I just love their little chubby cheeks. Steve and Geena make the chaos of twins and a 2 year old look like a walk in the park. I really admire their relaxed, fun parenting approach. Thanks for letting me get to capture these precious moments on film!

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Simple Arrow Boutique

If you haven’t heard of Simple Arrow Boutique, you’ve gotta check it out! My dear friend, Kristen, started this awesome online boutique and I had the chance to photograph some of her spring line. She’s got new, cute stuff in all the time. Honestly, I felt pretty cool getting to preview all the beautiful clothes before they were released. Check them out!

AmandaMaeImages-4687 AmandaMaeImages-4695 AmandaMaeImages-4716 AmandaMaeImages-4726 AmandaMaeImages-4812 AmandaMaeImages-4843 AmandaMaeImages-4885 AmandaMaeImages-4955