Crooked River Ranch Engagement Photos


Crooked River Ranch engagement photography

Here’s a little peak at Ryan and Alissa’s engagement photos taken near Crooked River Ranch, Central Oregon. Ryan grew up visiting Central Oregon to work on his grandparent’s ranch. He and his adorable fiance Alissa love the wide open space and all the memories the ranch holds, so they decided to have their engagement photos take out there.


I loved being out on the ranch because it reminded me of my Wisconsin dairy farm roots…especially the tractor, although I’m more of a John Deere girl myself. These two are so cute together, and have the perfect mixture of sweet, fun and a little pinch of sassy to keep things real. I can’t wait to photography their wedding this August! Congratulations Alissa and Ryan!





Las Vegas Wedding Photography {Family Photos!}

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DSC_7584My favorite season is Fall. Of course I love the energy of spring on its way, the hot summer days at the beach and waking up to a fresh dusting of snow, but I just love fall the most. I’ve been so distracted everywhere I go because I’m continually soaking up the brilliant colors around me. I feel like outside is changing each minute and I don’t want to miss any of it. The other day I went for a walk to one of my favorite places and actually took my camera along. Despite what most people may think, I hardly take photos of just life. I’m not an iphone person and I humbly confess my old school flip phone just doesn’t cut it. But there are certain things that are worth hiking around with a heavy camera for, fall is one of them. DSC_7549 DSC_7591 DSC_7595 DSC_7607 DSC_7624 DSC_7682DSC_7581

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Cruiser Bike Engagement Photos – Andrew & Amanda

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Cruiser Bike Engagement photos by Amanda Mae Images

Cruiser Bike Engagement photos by Amanda Mae Images

Steve & Rachel Esesh

I love engagement sessions.
Like love them.

Here’s a few from Rachel & Steve’s engagement session. (They look like models don’t they?) They totally rocked it and were super fun to work with. This is just another reminder of why I love my job.