The Twins

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you may remember Steve and Geena’s gorgeous Tulum, Mexico beach wedding from a few years ago. Or you may have seen their adorable family session with their little guy Haulton from about a year ago. But today I get to share a little peak into their most recent family shoot, welcoming their TWINS!

Meet Reed and Davis, the newest addition to their family. These little guys are so sweet and I just love their little chubby cheeks. Steve and Geena make the chaos of twins and a 2 year old look like a walk in the park. I really admire their relaxed, fun parenting approach. Thanks for letting me get to capture these precious moments on film!

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It’s All About the Groom {Las Vegas Wedding Photography}

Most people would say the wedding day is all about the bride, and most of the time I’d say they’re probably right – just not today. Today it’s all (or mostly) about the groom.

I recently had the opportunity to work with Ron Dillon Photography (he’s super cool and really fun to work with – for real) And I got to spend a lot of the day hanging with the groom, Mark, and his buddies. They were an awesome group to work with – I highly recommend reading on, there’s a pretty amazing, non prompted I might add, shot of Mark really getting into the shoot. Mark and Maria’s wedding was held at the glamorous Mandarin Oriental in downtown Las Vegas. Guys, this post is dedicated to you – after all, there would be no wedding without you!


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Las Vegas Wedding Photography by Amanda Mae Images

Venue: Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas Wedding


A Tulum Wedding – Mexico

With their four closest friends by their side, Steve and Geena said their vows as the sun set over white sand beaches and blue topaz water, igniting the sky in an array of golden tones. They couldn’t ask for a more perfect setting then Tulum, Mexico to begin their lives together. It was an honor to photograph this beautiful event and to be a witness at this small, intimate wedding ceremony.

And, to my absolute delight, MyPublisher has asked to feature some of these wedding photos on their website!

Here are a few of my favorite shots…Enjoy!