a time to be quiet

Our first two days in Nicaragua have been spent learning about the history of Nicaragua and going to a few view points in the city. Today we met with five program leaders of the Nehemiah Center; we listened for most of the day about the struggles, victories, and strategies that each program has gone through. Most of it was spoken in Spanish, with our hosts acting as translators, this, of course, made me wish I’d paid more attention in the Spanish classes I battled through.

Nicaragua is a beautiful country filled with color and history. They are currently in the rainy season and the ground never really dies out. It rains heavily a few times a day, drenching anyone and everything in seconds. In Managua, there has been an exceptional amount of rain this year which has caused flash flooding resulting in washed out roads, loss of power, and even some deaths in the city.

I can’t help but love the rain though, living in the high desert of Oregon, it has been refreshingly different. It’s humid, heavy, and my hair never really dries. The lightning storms that roll over the hills are spectacular and the sound of rain on our tin roof is actually quite relaxing.

Photos from around Managua…


Yesterday I woke up in Portland, OR to the sound of coffee grinding and bagels being toasted. This morning, the screeching of parrots, splash of water on a tin roof, and sticky, humid air were my wake up call. I foggily opened my eyes, and then suddenly remembered where I was-Managua, Nicaragua.

I’m in Managua with a team of 9 from Antioch Church, in Bend, OR. We’re all quite different, ranging in age and even more-in interests, but for the next 7 days

Jordan and Bethany

Two of my favorite people got married this summer, Jordan and Bethany Bolte. I was so excited that they asked me to shoot their big day. Between Jordan’s fun and crazy personality and Bethany’s beautiful grace, this wedding was a day to remember!

These are some of my favorite shots…enjoy!